The Hospital Intervention Services Program


The Hospital Intervention Services Program has been designed to provide deafblind individuals and families with Intervenor services while they are experiencing challenging medical situations in a hospital setting. This service is open to all members.


For families accompanying a child who is deafblind to the hospital we can offer much needed assistance. The families play many roles: parent or family member, consultant with the medical staff and intervenor for their family member. By utilizing a Hospital Intervenor, the family member is available to consult with medical staff or attend procedural appointments without having to intervene at the same time. The Hospital Intervenor can provide flexible hours when they are most needed. The Intervenor is equipped with a host of toys, games, and resources to meet the deafblind individual's needs and ensure that his or her hospital stay is as pleasant as possible under the circumstances.


For the adult who is deafblind going to the hospital, the need is no less great. The Hospital intervenor can provide essential information for both the deafblind individual and the medical staff with flexible hours when most needed. We provide Hospital Intervention services within the Greater Vancouver Regional District, Victoria and can make outreach services available for other, more remote areas.


In order to receive Hospital Intervention Services, families can click on the link below and fill out the application form. Applying as soon as the hospital dates are known is recommended, as the funds for this program are limited. Our Family Services Coordinator will then contact the family for more information in order to make the necessary arrangements.


For more information on this program, please contact the BC Chapter office at 604.528.6170 or