Deafblindness: An individual who is deafblind is someone who has a combined loss of vision and hearing and neither their vision nor their hearing can be used as a primary source of accessing information.


Intervention: The dictionary defines Intervention as to go between or to mediate. With regards to individuals who are deafblind, Intervention is the process of communication with an individual who is deafblind; providing them with clear and unbiased information from the environment in the preferred communication mode of the deafblind individual so that he or she can interact with his or her environment.


Intervenor : An Intervenor mediates between the person who is deafblind and his or her environment to enable him or her to communicate effectively with and receive non-distorted information from the world around them using the communication method preferred by the individual who is deafblind. This communication may include, but is not limited to, sign language, adapted sign, British Manual sign, tactile sign language, picture symbols and object cues